Find the Bright Side

if you are a photographer, or any kind of business person where the summer is your busy season, it is likely that you will totally know what i am referring to when i say that september tends to be a bit of a breaking point. you are tired, insanely busy, and balancing life seems to be more difficult than it should be. if i am being 100% honest, the last couple days i have been struggling with this breaking point of exhaustion ~ physically, emotionally and mentally. after a long day in the office yesterday, i walked upstairs and saw the most amazing sky as the sun was setting. i stopped, and realized that there is beauty in this chaos, and what is even more beautiful is that there is light at the end of this tunnel. september will be over in 5 days. then it is a new month filled with comfy jeans, sweaters, beautiful fall colors and pumpkin spice lattes. what i realized is that i am so blessed to have so many amazing people who trust me with capturing their fairytales and so many amazing people who, like me, want to find magic in ordinary life. i guess seeing this amazing sunset just snapped me out of my pitty party, and made me realize that this life scott and i are living is amazing. yes it is busy, but anything worth doing takes hard work and dedication, and that is exactly what we are doing.

so, to all of you out there who are feeling the same way, i challenge you to see the light. look for the bright-side. after all, we are crazy fortunate to be so busy, we are fortunate to have people in our lives who love us and who want our time. we are fortunate to be able to enjoy this season of life, and we are even more fortunate to be able to look forward to the next.

thankful for this huge reminder in such a simple moment, and so, here’s to the bright side <3


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B e c o m e   a   f a n !