The Calm before the Storm | Okanagan Photographer

its true. we really are moving, again. this time not to a different province, or to a different town. just a different house in Lake Country, and i couldn’t be more excited!.. or i will be excited.. when i have time 😉

we decided to rent a house… and let me tell you after living in a 1-bedroom condo for 8 months, it will feel like a mansion to us! the main reason for doing so is to have a separate office space, so my work doesn’t stare me in the face 24/7.

amongst packing up our condo, today we are also driving back to alberta. i have a week long “marathon” of shooting ahead of me, and we also need to get all our stuff from our old acme house out to lake country, so we can move in the day i get home! life is busy, but like i have said before and will say again – it is only busy because we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live in a bigger home, because i have clients who have trust in me to capture their moments, and a dog who loves being walked in the morning, and really hates the truck. sorry tuck. its only 8 hours… 

tuck and i went on a walk this morning. it was so peaceful and i felt calm…. such a nice way to start off another crazy 10-day adventure.

i snapped these photos with my iphone so i could look back later on this week and remember the feeling… and then i came inside to all our boxes… let the fun begin!!


happy friday everyone! enjoy your weekend!

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Janine -

have a safe trip friend!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !