The randomness of “being me”

so the other day steph was over helping scott edit one of his papers for school. if anyone in the world was made for editing… it is my little sister, book worm, grammar fanatic, aspiring novelist steph. this girl is simply not afraid to show her passion for anything, she is enthusiastic and real …. and i admire that in her so much! anyways…. as i sat on the couch and giggled at stephs ruthlessness as her and scott worked through his paper in the kitchen, i found myself on pinterest… and these were some of the pins that i died laughing about… because who are we kidding. they are so me. and even though some of that is slightly embarrassing to admit (HAHA!) steph has inspired in me to “just own it” as she would say… so hope some of these make you smile, and have an amazing thursday!


…and lastly, thanks to Shanelle for sending me this photo the other day and making me burst out laughing…


happy thursday friends!!




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B e c o m e   a   f a n !