Venice & Burano, Italy | Our Euro Adventure Country #3

better late than never!! if you have been following the blog since june, you will know that we were SO amazingly fortunate enough to get to spend 4 weeks traveling around europe earlier this summer. the first country we visited was germany, then austria, then italy and france for marjo & bruno’s amazing castle wedding. venice was definitely one of my favorite spots that we visited ~ it was so different and beautiful and something i have always wanted to see given my love of boats and water 😉 ~ a couple weeks ago i wrote a blog post about taking photos with my eyes, a lesson i learned the hard way while we were in this beautiful city, but at the same time – here are some of the shots that i did get, and i just LOVE looking at them and cannot wait to get some blown up and on the walls of our home!

happy tuesday to you all and i hope you enjoy this little enchanted piece of italy! <3


this was one of my absolute FAVORITE places in europe!!! a little island off of venice called burano where all of the houses were the coolest bright colors!! it just made me so happy haha!


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